Our new Bluegrass Connection Album Blue Pine Moon is now available!

Recorded at Acadia Studios with Jason Phelps, it features a mix of original, traditional and songs by some of our favorite bluegrass songwriters.

The price for CD’s is $20 each plus $4 shipping and handling in the USA. You may purchase a CD online with your credit card via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account.

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Want to help the project go further faster? Making recordings are expensive! Musicians like us mostly break even on these and put any profits back into the next recording. There are many costs such as studio time, paying other musicians, photos, graphic design, duplication, paying 3rd party sites for download capabilities, song licensing, etc. If you feel moved to give more than just the cost of the CD and download, click the button below to donate. Thank you for your support!

Previous Releases

“From Now On”
  1. Roses In The Snow
  2. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  3. Just Call Me Lonesome
  4. One More Dollar
  5. Won’t You Come And Sing For Me
  6. Too Late To Cry
  7. Patiently Waiting
  8. Christy Lynn
  9. I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby
  10. Blue Rose Is
  11. Martin’s Waltz
  12. From Now On
  13. End Of The World
“Box of Memories”
  1. Clarinet Polka
  2. Beautiful Bouquet
  3. It Rains Everywhere I Go
  4. Ragtime Annie
  5. Are You Wasting My Time
  6. An Old Box Of Memories
  7. Wreck On The Highway
  8. Salt Creek
  9. Someday Soon
  10. Lovers Waltz
  11. Trains Make Me Want To Say Goodbye
  12. Sweet Baby James
  13. Mouth of the Tobique / Big John McNeil
Beautiful Bouquet
It Rains Everywhere I Go
Ragtime Annie
Are You Wasting My Time
An Old Box Of Memories
Wreck On The Highway
Salt Creek
Someday Soon
Lovers Waltz
Trains Make Me Want To Say Goodbye
Sweet Baby James
Mouth of the Tobique / Big John McNeil

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“Imagine That”
  1. One Raindrop
  2. Temperance Reel
  3. Peacock Rag
  4. Wichita
  5. Village Carousel Waltz
  6. Beaumont Rag
  7. Heaven’s Just A Sin Away
  8. East Fork
  9. Mary Clair / Dailey’s Reel
  10. Imagine That
  11. St. Annes Reel
  12. I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair
  13. Gold Rush

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“Just Taking Notes”
  1. Sally Ann
  2. Whistling Rufus
  3. Festival Waltz
  4. Dixie Hoedown
  5. Hermans Hornpipe
  6. Jig in D / Pet of the Piper / Buttermilk Mary
  7. Kentucky Waltz
  8. Blackberry Blossom
  9. Cape Bretons Welcome to the Shetlands/Mason’s Apron
  10. Sweet Dreams waltz
  11. Blindmans Reel / Fishers Hornpipe
  12. Wheel Hoss
  13. Gold Rush

Out of print

“Bowing the Strings”
  1. St Anne’s Reel/Goglu Reel
  2. Spey n’ Spate
  3. Jimmy’s Favorite Jig / Sting of the Wasp
  4. Flowers of Hope
  5. Poppy Leaf Hornpipe
  6. Bonnie Isabelle Robertson / Brenda Stubberts
  7. Farewell to Inez
  8. Saratoga Hornpipe
  9. Mason’s Apron
  10. Bootleggers
  11. Jerusalems Ridge
  12. Faded Love
  13. Whiskey Before Breakfast
  14. Old Joe Clark
  15. Bowing the Strings
  16. Ashoken Farewell
  17. Big John McNeil / Ragtime Annie
  18. Amazing Grace

Out of print